Thursday, January 28, 2010


My last semester at K-State has officially commenced. Classes have begun and I'm bracing myself for the coursework to start rolling my way. My class of greatest concern this semster is Calculus. I have not been nor will ever be a mathmatician of any sorts. Other classes I'm enrolled in include Microbiology, Agricultural Business Communications, Human Resource Management and Family Relations and Gender Rolls. The final class I'm enrolled in this semester is more of a project than a course - I am working for a local grocery store to develop a kolache formula for their new bakery. I'm excited for a new baking challenge, but, I have never seen, eaten or baked a kolache in my life. Should be an interesting project...

Wikipedia told me that kolaches (also spelled kolace, kolach, or kolacky) are a type of pastry consisting of fillings ranging from fruits (including poppy seed, raspberry, and apricot) to cheeses inside a bread roll. They were originally only a sweet dessert from Central Europe (specifically the Czech Republic), but they have become popular in parts of the United States.

This kolache recipe came from my Grandmother. I filled them with raspberry filling. My only qualm with this recipe is that the dough contains a box of instant vanilla pudding. I cannot bring myself to believe that authentic kolaches from Czech call for instant pudding.

Fortunately, both of my parents have consumed kolaches in their childhoods, so I was able to pull from their expertise to compensate for my lack of knowledge. They informed me that these kolaches were delicious and very similar to the treats they grew up eating.

I am still hunting for the ideal kolache formula. It could be a long road to kolachedom.