Tuesday, February 15, 2011

PB & Jelly Bread

A new bread book popped into my ever-growing food library recently. I acquired Jim Lahey's My Bread last week and since then I've spent an enormous amount of time sitting motionless gazing longingly at his beautiful photographs and simplistic recipes. Jim Lahey re-introduced the world to the increasingly popular "no-knead" bread technique and his book showcases the uncomplicated procedure with breads, pizza and other yeasty delights.

My mind immediately fixated on this Peanut Butter and Jelly Bread. I'm always clinging to recipes that allow me to eat peanut butter in abnormal ways. Plus I needed an excuse to buy a giant jar of strawberry jam. The final loaf yielded a moist faintly peanuty tender bread. While a plain slice would suffice, I highly suggest toasting a slab and smearing a hefty dollop on top. Mighty good.

Life outside the baking realm has been hectic and good. I start working in the KAF bakery March 1st. Be thinking of me as I start work at 4 AM. I'm actually very much looking forward to the opportunity - I will certainly learn a great deal. Until next time!