Friday, March 19, 2010

Chocolate Revel Bars

My parents recently took a trip to Hawaii. Keep in mind while they were in Hawaii, I was toiling diligently over midterms in the rather dreary mid-continental state of Kansas. No, I was not wildly jealous. I definitely would not rather have been exploring mountainous terrain or whale-watching than cramming my brain with daunting calculus formulas. Anyway, for the occasion, my parents bought a new camera. A Canon EOS digital rebel XSI. I was also very jealous of this beautiful machine. Evidently, it's been a jealous period for me lately...

Unfortunately, I am not able to afford a trip to Hawaii or a new camera at this time in my life. However, I am able to take advantage of my parents' new toy while I'm home. I broke out the fancy picture-taker for some less-fancy baking. My little brother needed a dessert for his upcoming basketball banquet, so I volunteered myself for the task. Enter the Touch Ipod I received for Christmas. These gadgets have about a million applications people can download for entertainment, business, health, travel weather, and a variety of other reasons. I tend to gravitate towards food applications. Specifically, the application caught my eye. A person can search for recipes by ingredient, time allotted or type of meal needed. I went straight for the chocolate desserts. The Chocolate Revel Bars recipe I used can also be found here.

Shiny Red Mixer

Butter and brown sugar. Goodness.

Goodness creamed.


pre-baking pan-o-awesome

Baked chocolate.

So I may have used a roasting pan instead of a 9 x 13" by accident. I just got more dense chewy chocolate squares. I win.

This recipe was scrumptious. The bars were chewy, fudgy, dense and chocolaty. They hold their structure well, are simple to assemble and don't require extravagant ingredients. Plus my Mom told me they were a hit at the banquet...