Friday, November 4, 2011

Tunbridge World's Fair

So, the Tunbridge World's Fair took place about two months ago. And I'm just now blogging about it. Please don't judge me. 

My adopted family (Oh hey, Ogrincs!) and I took to the Tunbridge World's Fair in Tunbridge, Vermont. As a child growing up in Iowa, I toured my share of county and state agricultural fairs so I was eager to experience Vermont's rendition. 

The Tunbridge World's Fair began with an impressive tractor-trailer ride from the parking lot to the fair entrance. That's some Vermont hospitality right there.  

The fair was comprised of several sections. The first area show-cased antique farming equipment. Mostly, lots of rickety iron mechanical objects sputtering fumes and cutting logs. Or Vermonters tediously  re-enacting old-fashioned farming techniques. Overall, very informative.

Next, we headed down-hill to tour our feasting options. Good fair food is essential part of any fair-goers experience. The Tunbridge World's Fair offered a surprisingly vast and diverse array. While fried Oreos, pretzels and funnel cakes occupied many booths; roasted corn, beet chips, eclairs, buffalo burgers, maple cotton candy, apple crisp, and local barbecue. Epic food success.

After scoping out our food options, we moseyed down to the agricultural section. Personally, one of my main priorities of the fair was to see an ox. I've seen a great number of cows, chickens, pigs and various other farm animals, but never an ox. I found oxen quite impressive. These animals are massive and strong.

Oxen home!


Fancy chickens.

Fancy chicken eggs. 
Awesome root beer station!

More food. Hotdog style. 
After fooding, rides were in order. This fair had quite the spread, not just your typical farris wheel. 

Our day concluded with a pig race. Oh yes. The first two races involved feisty little pigs that tore around the race-track with mad speed. So inspiring. The final round featured four thick, squatty sows who moved at the speed of saplings growing. Actually, they were hilariously entertaining. I would would go to more pig races if  they were available.

The Tunbridge World's Fair was quite a wonderful day!