Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer in New England

Summer in Vermont, combined with my wacky bakery schedule, has resulted in an unintended blogging hiatus. Don't worry, my dear tens of readers, I'm back to blogging. I promise never to leave you out of the wicked exciting happenings in my life again. 

Summer in New England is a beautiful sight. All at once, the hills and valleys turned a brilliant shade of green, farmer's markets popped up in every town, kayaks and canoes began riding a top tightly packed vans, cyclists crowded the roads, and temperatures rose into the mid-80s. Soft serve ice cream shops have become my second home, I finally resigned myself to wearing shorts, and I have more freckles than I did a couple weeks ago. 

Lately, I've been spending a large amount of time with my friends Liz and Joska. One of my favorite meals we've prepared is grilled pizza. Normally, I grab pizza dough from the bakery, bring a gallon of watermelon, and Liz and Joska provide toppings. We've taken to dining outdoors.

I've been bugging Joska (a native Jamaican) to make Festivals since practically the first day I met him - and so he did!

Ice cream is a critical part of a New Englander's summer. Literally a dozen small shops sprang-up at the first touch of warmth. I fully support this past-time and have partaken very willingly.

Liz and Joska were also expecting their first child! Baby Willa was born 8 lbs 3 oz on June 23rd. 

Happy Grandma!

Family Photo
To continue the happy occasions, my lovely friend Katie got hitched July 3rd. I flew back to Kansas City for the event. Katie's wedding was incredibly beautiful and very much a reflection of her personality.

After the wedding, my parents drove down to KC to pick me up and haul me back to Iowa. I spent several days relaxing with my parents and brother. S'mores and fireworks were involved.

Overall, this summer has been a busy one. I'm still plugging away working in the bakery. Right now, I rotate three days on pastry and two on bread. I find myself becoming more comfortable with the atmosphere, but I still have a great deal to learn. I'm hoping to drag my camera to work one morning and capture the mayhem magic. 

I'm going to *attempt* to blog twice a week for the remainder of the summer. Until next time!