Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birthday Bouquets and Paper Trail

My birthday was a couple days ago and look at the beautiful bouquets I received!

My new sister-in-law must already know me too well. She & my brother sent me this fantastic fruit bouquet. It's edible! And fruit! I love fruit. I was ecstatic when this came through the door and as soon as I finished taking 121 pictures of its beauty I comsumed approximately half of it on the spot. So wonderful! Thank you Tejal & Evan!

The next beautiful bouquet came from one of my very good friends. We went out for breakfast at a cute cafe and afterwards she bought me these lovely fall flowers. She said I got fall colors because I'm a "fall person". Thanks Carolyn!

My Mom and family sent me loads of cards too. Some of them sang!

Birthday card parade:

Birthdays are great :)

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