Thursday, May 27, 2010

Bananas Foster

After our impressive Bananas Foster experience at Tony's BBQ Bistro, my family and I decided to reinvent the dessert in our home. Of course all good things start with butter...

Add some brown sugar and cinnamon...

We melted the butter in a skillet, added the cinnamon mixture and combined.

Next we added the sliced bananas to the mix and sloshed them around to combine.

Then came the fun part. Bring on the rum. I think these two tiny bottles of rum are the first hard liquor this house has ever seen.

In the restaurant, the owner just threw the rum in the pan and the whole mess exploded. So, we prepared ourselves for the worst. My younger brother manned the fire extinguisher.

Unfortunately, our flaming expectations weren't met. We threw in the rum and nothing happened. We're not certain what went wrong. We speculate that the pan wasn't hot enough or we didn't buy a high enough proof rum. We needed more alcohol. So we dumped in some more rum and lit the pan with a long-stem lighter. This method rewarded us with a meager combustion.

After the small fire died down, we spooned the mixture over vanilla ice cream.

We concluded that our recreation of Bananas Foster was not quite as tasty as the restaurant version. In the restaurant the sugar crystallized giving the cinnamon mixture a delightful crunchy texture. Our formula was not crunchy. Next time, we'll buy rum with a higher alcohol content and really get the fire started.


  1. So great! I love the extinguisher and your dad in the shop with food on fire. Love it!

  2. Funny!! The fire extinguisher picture is great!!!