Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Grandma's Birthday Party

My Grandma turned 80-years-old this Saturday. When somebody, especially your grandmother, turns 80 you should have a party. So my aunts organized a birthday celebration gathering for my grandma on Saturday night. We ate dinner at local restuarant then 7 of her 8 sisters and brother (yes, he had 9 sisters) came over for dessert and punch. I had never met her sisters as an adult, so it was really fun to sit down and chat with each of them. I've also baked a couple of their recipes in the past couple years - peanut butter rolls and kolaches - so I enjoyed putting the recipes with faces.

The sisters and brother.

My family minus a few members.

My mom ordered the evening special - which was a beef patty with bacon, mushrooms and cheese served with broccoli and smashed potatoes. They had a much more fancy name than "beef patty" but I can't remember it right now.

I ordered the rum glazed salmon that came with green beans and mashed sweet potatoes. It came with a maple glaze that tasted exactly like maple syrup.

Then it was cake time. Cake time is otherwise known as happy time. My aunts brought a red-velvet cake and an assortment of flavored cupcakes from Daddy Cakes. Daddy Cakes is a Topeka based pastry bakery that specializes in cakes and cupcakes.

Cupcake options were carrot cake, german chocolate, chocolate, lemon, vanilla and strawberry.

Red Velvet Cake. Twas very red. And velvety.

I can only hope that my 80th birthday party will be as fun and tasty as my grandma's.

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