Sunday, August 15, 2010

Maine Trip Part II

Friday morning in Skowhegan began with another early morning jog around along the back country roads. No deer flies this morning so we were able to run father in a much more enjoyable fashion. We stumbled upon Dave out running- he had probably run 14 miles before we had run 2. Back at the house Amanda cracked open some farm-fresh eggs and snagged swiss chard from the garden to create a delightful egg concoction.

Eggs = 1st breakfast

Grapes + watermelon + granola + yogurt + blueberry coffee cake = 2nd Breakfast

In the morning, I attended Jim Lahey's workshop about "No-Knead Bread". His concept, contrary to most bakers, utilizes an extremely limited amount of kneading. The action is not actually really even technically kneading, it's more-or-less stirring the dough quickly until it's cohesive. Jim owns a very successful bakery in New York called Sullivan St. Bakery that showcases his no-knead technique.

Lunch time! More garden fresh greens and tasty grain salads.

Since they didn't serve us any dessert at lunch, we took it upon ourselves to indulge in some more Gifford's Ice Cream.

After our ice cream endeavor, I attend Ciril Hitz's workshop. Chef Ciril Hitz is the department chair of the International Baking & Pastry Institute at Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island. Ciril has competed on the Nation Bread and Pastry Team and represented the USA as a member of the Bread Bakers Guild Team and competed at the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie, Paris, France, where the team took home the Silver Medal. Needless to say, he's quite accomplished. He gave a well-organized and easy-to-listen to presentation. He prepared loads of delicious baked goods for us and gave us the recipes to keep.

Cinnamon buns proofing.

Linzer. Was my first taste of this beautiful stuff.

Fresh fruit tarts.

After the final sessions the conference was over and everyone filled out evaluation sheets for whoopie pies. Then we got our picture taken with the Jeffrey Hamelman poster.

After our long stressful day of eating anything and everything we could, our host mom took us swimming! She took us to Lake George which was the most stunningly clear beautiful lake I have ever seen.

Back at the ranch, I took some random photos while waiting for dinner preparations to commence.

Susan went all out and bought some terrific looking salmon and mussels. I love seafood. I love fresh seafood even more.

Amanda whipped up some quick bruschetta as an appetizer.

Dave set out some of his refreshing home-made tea and wine. The wine wasn't homemade. Just the tea.

Awesome grill for grilling food!

Dave outside around the fire singing a camp song.

Feast table.

Grilled salmon and squash.

Steamy muscles that I had to fight Susan for. That woman loves mussels and ate probably half of this pot.

Dinner by the fire.

After dinner we polished off our 4 quarts of ice cream and hit the hay!

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