Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Weekend & Backyard Escapade

Saturday I was able to attend the Norwich Farmers Market for the first time since moving to the Upper Valley. I'd heard good things about the food and vendors and was not disappointed. Vegetables, scratch baked goods, local cheeses and grass-feed meats, unique jewelry and honey abounded.

I managed to restrict myself to a few essential items. I was most excited about the apple purchase. I bought a bag of Macoun apples. The apple-man said they out sell MacIntosh apples 3:1. I'd never heard of them before but Wikipedia says they are a cross between MacIntosh and Black Jersey apples. They are mighty good and crunchy.

After the Farmer's market trip, black bean burger making commenced. I very closely followed this recipe. For dinner, I ate a freshly packed black bean burger with KAF Flax Seed bread and roasted butternut squash.

Sunday afternoon I decided to venture out into the great unknown. I walked out the back door and into the forest that is my backyard. (Alee-I thought of you the entire time. Wish you were here hiking with me!)

Despite that I really had no idea where I was going, there was no trail and I've never hiked solo before, everything went well. All things considered it's pretty amazing I didn't get lost.

Tree down. I wish this picture better illustrated how massive these stumps are.

Then out of nowhere, there was a clearing with a small path that lead me to a road which took back into town. Success!

Fall foliage is coming!

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  1. Awesome pictures Friend! Some yummy looking veggies, that delicata squash is my favorite!