Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Welcome to Vermont

My mom and I survived the 25 hour car ride (barely) and I've safely arrived at my new home in Vermont. My host family (I've decided that's what I'm going to call the family that lives below my apartment) helped me unload my car when we pulled up to the house and fed us a welcome dinner. They are a very friendly couple with a younger son still in middle school.

My mom stuck around for about a week to help me unpack and set-up my living space. I've got a huge bedroom, an enormous queen-sized bed, walk-in closet and a TV. I haven't hung very many picture frames or done much decorating. Mostly because I'm not very good at that type of stuff and I'm hoping it will just magically happen over time.

My living room area is mostly unfurnished and I'm on the hunt for a cheap love-seat and desk to fill some space. I found an awesome green paisley love-seat at a local consignment shop but my mom wouldn't let me buy it. She thought it was hideous. I thought it was beautiful. Anyway, I just need to do some rummaging.

This is the driveway with my car parked outside. Mostly just take notice of the trees. All the trees seem to loom over everything here. Lots and lots of trees. I've already heard people talking about the "foliage season" coming and to prepare for gazillions of tourists. I feel kind of privileged to be a resident and not a tourist.

This the everything store (and only store) in Norwich. Their motto is "If we don't have it, you don't need it". Dan & Whit's carries groceries, cookingware, clothing, shoes, paint, hardware, office supplies, gardening equipment and anything else you can dream of buying. I have already ridden my bike here several times to pick-up some items I forgot.

This is a poor picture of the Post Office in Norwich. Like everything in New England, the office is cute and quaint. And also directly connected to a small cafe and a hair salon.

Baking time! This it King Arthur Flour store itself. People come to the retail store to purchase baking equipment, supplies, mixes, flour, bread, ingredients and other miscellaneous baking products.

The first building in this picture is the Baking Education Center. The BEC teaches baking classes to kids, adults, novice and professional bakers. There is a class for virtually anybody. The second building is the retail store.

This is the building I actually work in daily. This facility is a brief jaunt up the road from the retail store and baking center. I've completed my first two days of work yesterday and today and I feel like they went pretty well. I definitely have a lot to learn, but my co-workers are very friendly and willing to help. Most of them are experienced bakers and hold an incredible wealth of knowledge. I haven't destroyed anything yet. Just give me some time.

This is a church in Norwich - typical New England.

Lastly, this is the Norwich library. I haven't been inside yet, but I hope to be joining a book club soon.

Vermont is certainly different than the Midwest, but so far the transition has been fairly painless. I'm attending a church this Sunday in hopes of meeting a couple new people as potential friends. Tomorrow night I am having dinner with a co-worker and her family! She and I started together and I've really enjoyed having another clueless person around. Will be nice to start getting to know some people!


  1. Yeah for friends and dinner dates!!!!

  2. Kels! I am so proud of you - getting out there and joining book clubs and trying out churches. You will be a blessing to anyone out there who gets to be your friend.