Sunday, October 3, 2010

KAF Apple & Berry Picking Day!

The skies down-poured rain several days this week in Vermont. The weather made outside activities difficult.

The skies cleared just in time for the King Arthur Flour apple and berry picking day! The HR department at King Arthur organized a lovely farm festivities day for the KAF employees. We were able to pick our own berries and apples and enjoy a delicious catered lunch.

I car-pooled out to the farm with two of my co-workers, who graciously waited for me while I got lost. Yet again.

Lunch was provided by Fatty's BBQ. The baked beans were mish-mash of all kinds of beans and were very good. But not as good as Iowa baked beans...

The farm had two types of raspberry bushes for the picking. Regular reds and kiwi golds.

Massive pumpkin patch!

In other super exciting news, I finished my table... 4,629 coats of paint later. The cooler weather prevented the paint from drying regularly, consequently extending the life of this project. But I'm happily using to blog at the moment now!

On to another work week!


  1. Oh, that weekend looks like so much fun! There was an article in the collegian about a pumpkin that field of pumpkins gives us hope!
    Love the table friend, I can see you enjoying your meals there.
    I'm learning about pancreas-es. And guess what I did the other day: milked an alpaca!

    have a great wednesday!

  2. I always love your pictures.. I need to work on that photography thing. I ate a few red raspberries from my very own bushes today as I jaunted through the garden. And then I made lasagna for 80 with homemade marinara from fresh tomatoes.