Thursday, April 14, 2011

Maine Travels and Apartment Update

Last week, my dear friend Katie journeyed out to New England to visit me. While she was here, we embarked on a small road-trip to Maine.  We drove up through the White Mountains, then down to Portland where we stayed overnight in Portland at a cute Bed & Breakfast. The following morning (after discovering a lovely City of Portland parking ticket on my windshield) we ventured down the coast of Maine, cruising along the smaller back roads. Most of the tiny coastal towns were sleepy and quite this time of year, but still incredibly scenic and quaint. 

Katie, with her sharp interior design eye, helped me piece together my apartment so the space looks a little more homely. We rearranged the furniture, hung picture frames, placed flowers and lit candles. I'm still looking for a dresser to replace my cardboard set-up, sew a couple pillows, and finish storing odds and ends. 

I feel as though my life has been very hectic lately, resulting in less blogging. However, I did recently purchase a fancy a new camera, so hopeful the new toy will spike my motivation. Vermont is slowly thawing out from the bitter winter. I'm looking forward to viewing another season change in the Upper Valley. 

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  1. Kelsey! I'm so glad Katie came to visit! Such a blessing and your apartment is looking great! I am about to start unpacking in my new abode and am definitely needing some assistance with mostly fitting all my kitchen stuff into my kitchen! It is about to get interesting.