Monday, September 12, 2011

Livin' the Dream - VT Style

Several weeks ago, three of my favorite Kansas residents journeyed cross-country to visit Vermont and entertain me. Dave, Wendi and Amanda flew into New England Wednesday afternoon and our epic vacation-time began immediately. 

Our first destination was the incredible Farmway store in Bradford, VT. Farmway mashes outdoor gear, pet supplies, a vast shoe selection, men and women's clothing and other random rural items into a giant super-store. Amanda and I bought matching jackets!

Our next stop was P&H truck stop in Wells River, VT. P&H boasts an extensive diner menu full of delicious options. My favorite was the cinnamon french toast made from P&H's Cinnamon Raisin bread baked fresh daily. Amanda and I may or may not have made a late night pit-stop for this french toast on our final drive home at the end of the week...such happiness. 

We're happy because our blue jackets match. And we're eating. Both good things. 

Amanda & I kicked off her first morning in Vermont with a longish run and pancakes! Amanda and I have dreams of opening our own pancake shack together someday. We discussed our business options over these whole wheat granola pancakes topped with fresh strawberries, peanut butter and maple syrup. 

Thursday evening, Amanda and I drove north to Waitsfield, VT to meet Dave and Wendi at American Flatbread. American Faltbread bakes pizza with fresh locally grown ingredients in a wood-fired oven. Mass portions of pizza were consumed...

Dessert was a house-made apple pie. This slice was warmed in the wood-fired oven and topped local vanilla ice cream.

The whole gang!

We have a special friendship... 
 Friday brought a King Arthur Flour class. Seasonal Sensibility: Eating Locally from the Wood-Fired Oven with Paul Krcmar, to be specific. Paul is actually a chef at American Flatbread. Needless to say, we got our fill of pizza. In fact, I'm pretty sure we after pizza everyday...

Potato pizza joy.

Post class on Saturday afternoon, Amanda and I hi-tailed ourselves up to Miles Pond in Concord, VT. Our friends Dave, Marge and Pine were already there relaxing. Was wonderful to share such a beautiful environment with such beautiful people.  Our activities included, swimming, biking, ice cream eating, kayaking, pizza eating, touristing, ATVing, caving and others. 
Amanda capturing the moment with her new non-ghetto camera. 

Amanda and Dave enjoying the flames.

Caving adventuring!

Our hosts for the weekend (Marge & Pine). Thanks for tolerating our craziness.

Thanks for visiting friends! Come back soon!


  1. I love it! and Pine did such a good job with the cave picture after just a few tries.

  2. You're so pretty and I miss you. :)