Monday, January 23, 2012

One Post to Rule Them All

Due to my lack of discipline and motivation, I have yet again neglected to compose any sort of blog post for the past few months. Not because nothing of significance has happened, but because I simply haven't. I aim to remedy my blog failing with this epic post!

Let's go back to October and start with my family's visit to Vermont...

My parents and brother & sister-in-law all flew out to the East coast to spend a week with me vacationing in New England. Activities during their stay included stopping at an apple cider mill, tour the Ben & Jerry's Factory, hiking Gile Mountain, eating good pizza, car shopping (and to those keeping track - no, I have not bought a new car yet) , bacon making, and an official King Arthur Flour bakery tour.

Moving on, my 24th Birthday also occurred in mid-October. One year til my quarter-life crisis kicks in. 

My birthday dinner consisted of typical Karen fare. Exotic and something I've never eaten before, let alone knew existed. Rice and lamb stuffed grape-leaves with lemon, mint and other things I can't remember because I ate them three months ago. Eaten with an extremely colorful salad and pita bread. Dessert was a rather large peanut butter chocolate cake. 

Then came Thanksgiving! My 2011 Thanksgiving was also spent at Karen's house with a combination of her family's friends and my friends. Everyone brought a little something, Karen and Greg fried the turkey and we feasted. I contributed pumpkin pie and bread. Oh, the perks of working in a bakery...

Stay tuned for a Christmas post!


  1. Kelsey!!!! Tell Karen that the next time I'm in VT I want those lamb & rice stuffed grape leaves! They look divine!!!! I had a similar item out of a can recently that was rice and pine nuts stuffed grape leaves. I thought that was tasty, but I'm sure Karen's fare would blow it out of the water. I really need to find an ethnically blessed friend around here to dine with or maybe just somebody that has left the state would do.

  2. food pictures rule. happy birthday a few months ago! quarter life crisis isn't too bad, maybe you'll finally go over the deep end and buy a new car. What better way to celebrate the future 3/4 of your life! how's the snow up there? hope all is well!-alee