Wednesday, August 5, 2009


These past couple days seemed to have run together. I can't believe tomorrow is Wednesday. Only two more days left in the bakery! It's a bittersweet feeling. On one hand, I'm really excited to go home and spend time with my family and I think I've learned everything I wanted to learn from the bakery this summer, but on the other hand I will be sad to go and leave behind new friends I've made.

This morning at the bakery I got to work with the other intern Abby. It's the first time I was able to work with her all summer, and we had a lot of fun. As the only two girls in the bakery, I really enjoy talking and working with her becuase we're finally able to have conversations about things other than ninjas, cars, and lifting weights. It's fantastic.

Italian Batard

Parmeson Cheese bowls used for salads

For dinner I just wanted something easy. An almond butter + carrot wrap with a salad with stawberry & yogurt dressing.

I'm headed to work in a half an hour and baking pastries this morning. Bread baking is still my favorite baking shift though. Good Morning!


  1. I love all of it. The pictures are soo good... I cant wait to cook and bake with you again. You would love visiting the confectierias and panaderias down here ... very interesting stuff they make. Everything you make and eat looks soo good. I´m impressed with your fancy cereal combos....and o golly do I miss Cliff Bars...protein bars don´t exist in least not what I have found. Miss you.

  2. i found your blog! you mentioned it, but i stalked you a bit. love the food porn pictures. reminds me of when we used to live in the same place...i will visit soon! and every time i bake cookies i'll think of you.
    love from the other preston.