Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dinner Party

These past few weeks have been very busy. School has preoccupied more of my life than I prefer. Between going to classes, doing homework, study for quizzes and exams, writing lab reports, group meetings and everyday activities, I haven't had much free time. I feel most of my classes are going well enough. Surprisingly, I'm enjoying engineering graphics more than I ever thought possible and I actually don't despise Intro to Organic & Biological Chemistry. Food during these hectic weeks has been delicous though.

My roommate (a lovely talented baker & cook) made snickerdoodles yesterday and filled the apartment with wonderful cinnamon smells. They were buttery coins of cinnamon divinity.

I had been keeping a couple severely overripe bananas on the counter the past week to bake some banana bread. Friday afternoon I had a couple free hours so the banana bread was born! However, I was slightly dissappointed with the recipe I used. I don't think this is my favorite banana bread and probably won't be making it again. Wasn't as moist as banana bread should be. But I'm sure I'll manage to choke it down somehow :) Just add more butter right Dad?

Last weekend the campus ministry Christian Challenge held their annual Sushi party. So much sushi! As soon as you opened the door to the building, sushi smells flooded out. I love sushi and it's hard to come by in the midwest. They even had octopus sushi! It was a beautiful sight.

Tonight was a dinner party with a pasta theme! My roommates and I made lasagna rolls. We started with whole wheat pasta, made a ricotta & mozzerella spinach mixture, rolled them into indvidual mini lasagna lumps and topped them with tomato sauce.

Naturally, I couldn't resist adding more vegetables to my rolls. I sliced up some zucchini and mushrooms to add to the mix. Made for a very chunky roll.

Any dinner party is not complete without brownie sundaes. I whipped together a quick pan of brownies and we topped them with vanilla ice cream and fudge. Making dinner with friends is such a fun way to spend the evening.

Brownie pan after we demolished our sundaes. Most people don't like the corners, which is sad. I actually love the corner pieces. I'm happy to live with people who don't like them so I can have more of them.

On the running front, I'm right on schedule with my training plan. Most days I actually look forward to running, which is mind boggling to my brain. I hope it never wears off. Only 29 weeks to go...

Take care!

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