Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Saving the Sourdough Starter

A couple nights ago I was experiencing some difficulty falling asleep. I needed to awake up earlier the next morning, so that thought fueled my what-if-I-sleep-through-my-alarm-clock-never-wake-up-and-must-show-up-shamefully-late-to-work paranoia . I find the earlier I am required to wake up, the more reluctant I am to fall asleep.

Anyway, at about 1 o'clock in the morning I decided enough was enough. Time to do something more productive than lay curled up in a ball in my bed counting to 100 over and over. Feeding the sourdough starter I'd been holding ransom in my refrigerator for approximately two months was the first activity that crossed my mind. Twas time to set the captive free...

This is the tiny sourdough starter guy that I acquired from KAF quite some time ago. It's 200 years old and very stubborn.

Flour for feeding!

Flour + water + starter = win

After fermenting overnight.

I fed the starter several times to get the culture's juices flowing. Then I made some sourdough banana bread with the "unfed" starter discard. I followed the formula from here with a few minor alterations. The resulting loaf was beautiful, but not my favorite. The sourdough flavor was very mild but somewhat muffled the banana aroma and flavor. The texture was stiffer than traditional banana bread, yielding a very sturdy loaf. Not bad, but not overwhelmingly great either.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I've got a 17 lb turkey to bake! Huzzah!

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  1. So where did you get your granola oil for that one? That's a crazy formula I do say. We have that same set of recycled bowls and this reminds me I need to go feed my levain.