Monday, July 27, 2009

Middle of the Night

Morning! I just got off my shift at the bakery. Another quality seven hours well spent with bread. I took my camera in this morning to take some pictures. My co-worker (actually the only other person there) laughed at me when I took a picture of proofing dough. He never thought unbaked bread was interesting enough to photograph. I think its totally photogenic- but I am a huge baking nerd.

This is the wood-fired brick oven that smells wonderful & creates beautiful things. We use it to bake pan loaves, focaccia and sourdough batards. During the day it's used for pizzas!

These are poppy seed bagels waiting to be baked. I dipped them in simmering water before topping them with seeds to give them that lovely chewy texture.

View of the bakery. Kinda narrow huh?

During my shift I consumed a Chocolate Chip Clif ZBar and loads of coffee for fuel. For the most part I keep very busy preparing doughs, baking bread and packaging the finished product. Not a lot of time for breaks or snacks. I always think it's kind of ironic to eat something that didn't come out of the bakery while I work there. Oh well.

Well, I am going to sleep now. I'm Shredding this evening and then cracking down on my homework!!

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