Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Slow Start

Obviously because yesterday's baking went so well, today had to be the complete opposite. I had to wait several hours for the dough to adequately proof, the oven was super hot, I nearly burnt a jumbo loaf, and I didn't finish until nearly 8 o'clock.
The Bread Baker's schedule runs something like this:
  1. Arrive at 1 AM and open door of brick oven to allow it to cool
  2. Check doughs in retarder - determine if doughs need addition 'floor time' to proof. If doughs need more time I pull them out of the retarder and into the warmer bakery.
  3. Sweep ashes out of brick oven
  4. Create bags for the finished bread by placing labels and price stamps on bags
  5. Set up bagel equipment- turn on stove (often much harder than it sounds), fill large steel pot with water, and pull bagels out of kitchen cooler.
  6. Preparing and scoring loaves to go in oven
  7. Baking the bread- normally I alternate between the brick oven and MIWE oven. Typically the jumbo loaves are ready first & I load them into the MIWE. Then the pan loaves and batards are ready and I load them into the brick oven with a peel. Next, I normally bake focaccia in the brick oven. Then the sourdough soup bowls are loaded into the MIWE.
  8. Mix poolishes for following day
  9. Boil & top bagels- bake bagels in MIWE
  10. Prepare and score baguettes- bake baguettes in MIWE
  11. Slice pan loaves in bread slicer
  12. Bag all products and sort orders properly
  13. Build a fire in brick oven, sweep & clean up area

Later I'll post an outline of the entire production schedule our bakery uses for bread and pastries.

Jumbo whole wheat loaf scored and ready for the oven. The WW loaf is the hardest for me to score. Its better than when I first started it still needs help.

All the jumbos baked and cooling

I came home, took a shower and went straight to bed. Very tired. I can't seem to sleep past 3:30 PM though, so I've been averaging about 6 hours of sleep a day. When I woke up I was ridiculously hungry but remembered I have virtually no food. I made a mushroom/cheese/egg white omelet with a sliced apple and PB.

For dessert I had a couple squares of dark chocolate.

Before I went grocery shopping I was hungry & knew I'd be extremely hungry by the time I got home if I didn't have a snack. So naturally I had cereal.

35 g Kashi Good Friends

20 g Blueberries

3 oz Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze

Dinner included:

Gardenburger VeggieMedley pattie

1/2 Flatout wrap

14 g Reduced Fat Feta cheese

Steamed broccoli & carrots

Plans for this evening, as it's already 9:30, include finishing and turning in my exam, shredding with Jillian, and tidying up the kitchen.

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