Thursday, July 30, 2009

Things I've Learned from My Co-Workers & Working in a Bakery

Just wanted to jot down a few of the valuable lessons I've learned over the course of this summer.
  1. If it doesn't contain meat it's probably not worth eating.
  2. Ovens may also serve as a laundry dryer.
  3. Time management is vital. Learn how to distribute work over the course of the shift so that you can look hard-at-work during important time periods.
  4. Always blame the heat or the mixer for poor quality bread.
  5. Guatemala has a fairly cold climate.
  6. Purchasing a gym membership would be a waste of money. Lifting 50 lb bags of flour, digging 40 lb doughs out of mixer, hand moulding 120 bagels, scooping batches of cookie dough, and rounding pizza dough are great free alternatives.
  7. Always take advantage of end-of-the-shift pastries.
  8. Only voice your opinion about important work issues to people who have no power.
  9. Everybody should speak spanish.
  10. Never throw out the extra sourdough starter before you've finished feeding the chef levain.
  11. Bagels should be boiled for approximately 20 seconds before baking.
  12. Be kind to the pizza guys and they will be kind to you.
  13. Converstations are vastly more interesting when holding an air microphone in front of the person speaking.
  14. Surveillance cameras make decent dance montage videos.
  15. When working with a peel remember there are two ends to the stick.

Muffins! & Seeded baguettes

The bread bags

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